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Shannon Waldron and I (Christian Cain) began Perennial Grazing LLC in the Capay Valley in 2016. 
The rich soil of Capay also offered a tight-knit community of farmers who provided consistent support to us as we developed an ambition to offer people a mutually beneficial to the grasslands we inhabit. 
We started with an obsession around grazing management towards dryland restoration. Masanobu Fukuoka and Allan Savory were major influences here. We spent the first few years pursuing the following question:

Can we use grazing of small ruminants to allows deep rooted perennial grasses to outcompete annual grasses and noxious weeds like yellow star thistle?

The answer is yes. 

The methods and skills we developed in the pursuit of this goal allowed us to evolve naturally into offering the scope and scale of grazing services we do today.   

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