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Perennial Grazing is here to help you achieve your goals on your land.
We are a mobile grazing service. We bring sheep and goats when and how you need them. We have experience in grazing at scale for 

Perennial Crop Systems:
vegetation management and fertility in vineyards and orchards

Ecological Targeted Grazing: 

restoring natives while removing noxious weeds

Fire Safety:

fire fuel management of grasslands and shrubs/trees

What does it look like? 
What to Expect?
What do we need from you?

We'll bring the following​
-- Sheep and/or Goats
-- Guard Dog
--Electric Fence
--A She
pherd (human) to stay onsite and ensure the animals are safe and in the right spot

Here's What We Need from You

-- a water tap for the shepherd's trailer
-- a regular 120v (15 amp) power socket for the shepherd's trailer
--a secluded spot for the shepherd's trailer

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